10 Quick Spring Makeover Ideas

If your house needs a makeover this Spring, but you don’t have the time (or money) to invest in re-decorating, try one or two of these quick and easy room makeover ideas. Making even a few small changes can give you the feeling of having a whole new look.

  1. Buy or add new accent pillows
  2. Add a colorful throw blanket to the couch or chair
  3. Put some colorful silk flowers or plants in a vase on the table
  4. Add a few candles or wall sconces
  5. Lay down a new rug or replace the old one
  6. Tie a colorful sash around your window curtains
  7. Try moving the furniture around — play with different configurations and see what works best
  8. Hang a new piece of art, or rearrange your current artwork
  9. Add some seasonal decorations above the fireplace or as a centerpiece on the dinning room table
  10. Buy a new lamp or replace the shade on your existing lamp

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