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Time to Get Your House Ready for Fall!

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Falling into a new season

Although some days it may still feel like summer, fall is upon us. If your home is in need of a seasonal update, then look no further than Pottery World. And while the rustic look of fall will greet visitors as soon as they walk in the door, there are plenty of other unique home décor items throughout the store that can help you make the seasonal transition. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find:


Candles are a great way to create a cozy and welcoming environment. We have an incredible selection of candles, included battery operated, and candleholders and sconces to fit most tastes and price ranges. Pottery World carries a large selection of Moving Flame Candles, which are like no other battery-operated candle. These candles are so realistic that you may forget they are battery operated. Moving Flame Candles are powered by an internal LED source that shines through a prism and up to the moving flame tip. We offer a version with authentic wax and also a durable outdoor option. If you prefer wax or soy candles and the scents they offer, we carry plenty of the “real thing” as well, including the ever-popular fall scents of pumpkin, apple, and spice, and a new line we just brought in with crackling wood wicks.


Speaking of pumpkins, the perennial fall favorite isn’t just for Halloween or Thanksgiving. And they don’t have to be relegated to the front porch. Our metallic pumpkins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and would a great addition to any interior living space. Outside we have terracotta pumpkin and ghost lanterns that create a warm glow, but can be used year after year.


Keep your home smelling great with reed diffusers that features gorgeous glass bottles filled with real spices, fruit and delicate botanicals and are highly effective but do not contain alcohol. The specially formulated fragrance oil blend in our diffusers is designed to draw up and diffuse through the bamboo reeds. Potpourri is another way to bring the smell of fall indoors. We even have mini scented pumpkins (sold by the scoop) that look great in a wooden or glass bowl. We also carry room sprays in a variety of warm scents.


To help you transition your home to fall, we feature a large selection of warm woods, dried florals and seedpods that add a rustic touch to any home. And while our foliage may be artificial, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. These aren’t the dusty old blooms and stems you may remember from years past. Our selection is updated seasonally and is a great way to bring life a room — without the added pressure of keeping something alive. Choose from a wide selection of colors and styles. Grab just a few or create a large display. Need a place to put your foliage? Our large selection of vases and pots, whether big or small, pairs nicely with the fall colors.



A farmhouse feel
Fall elicits thoughts of coziness and if warmth and comfort are what you’re looking for in a home, we’ve got the pieces to make that happen. From cozy upholstered furniture to signs made from reclaimed wood, classic farmhouse is all about warmth and comfort. And what farmhouse look is complete without animals? Throw in a ceramic lidded rooster dish or a wooden pig and you’re all set.


Take it easy
House Beautiful says when it comes to trends for fall 2017, boring furniture sets are out and the mix-and-match, one-of-a-kind look is in. Pottery World has a wide selection of unique sectionals and sofas in a range of sizes and fabrics. Our showrooms features seating with textured fabric to linen all in a beautiful indoor setting. Quality and craftsmanship are built into every piece of furniture that we sell. Create a cozy space to curl up and chat with houseguests, watch a football game or get lost in a good book.





Burlap & Ice Holiday Look

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Ice combines the rustic texture of burlap with tones of icy blue and shimmery silver for a timeless, elegant quality. This is a crisp look that puts an updated twist on traditional holiday décor, to make your home feel fresh and current. It’s perfect for a room furnished in white, with linen or slipcovered upholstery and lighter-toned wood furniture.
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Holiday Lodge Look

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Each year at Pottery World, our designers pick specific themed looks for the beautiful holiday displays that people from all over California and Nevada travel to see in person. If you would like to change or add to your holiday décor, a good place to start is by picking a theme, and working within the colors and style of that theme. For the next couple of weeks on the blog, we will be highlighting a specific holiday look from our store and describing how to get that look in your own home. The style of each look ranges from traditional to whimsical to rustic so everyone should be able to find one that works with their existing decorations and home décor. If you live near Sacramento, California or find yourself headed to Tahoe on Highway 80 this holiday season, make sure you stop in to see our displays. You will not be disappointed!
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