Classical Balustrade Planters

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photo credit: © Pcruciatti


Reminiscent of a villa overlooking Lake Como, balustrade planters from Pottery World bring a sophisticated Italian feel to your yard or patio. If you have ever eaten outdoors at the Pottery World Cafe in Rocklin you will recognize these classic planters that we use to enclose the covered dining area. Filled with seasonal flowers and our signature glazed clay mushrooms, these balustrade planters are perfect for creating a divider between the cafe and patio, but they have many more uses! These would be wonderful near a pool or flanking a entry. You could use these to line a path in a more formal garden space, or under a window to create the look of a window box.

Cast in concrete, each garden balustrade has four baluster columns to support the rectangular planter. Whether used alone or combined side-by-side to create a railing,  these unique pieces have a beautiful terracotta finish. Pottery World has both fixed planters and also version where the planter box can be removed. While you can place any type of plant in these planters, we really like including a trailing plant or vine, such as English ivy, sweet potato vine or vinca vine. Made in California, these classic pieces will last for years and add a striking architectural element to your outdoor space.

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