“My name is Terri and I have been an Interior Designer at Pottery World for 20+ years. Art is my passion and I am fortunate enough to be able to show that in my work everyday. There is nothing more satisfying than when guests come in and have ideas of what they want but don’t see how to get there. We work together to create a masterpiece even better than what they imagined! The owners and staff have been a part of my life and I have catered to the same guests for so many years. This is more than just a career, this is my family. I look forward to adding you to it. Come on in, I would love to meet you!”

“My name is Maria and I have been an Interior Designer for Pottery World for 19 years. It’s my passion and I love being creative with all of the beautiful products that we offer at Pottery World. I received my Floral Design diploma at ARC. I have been in the floral industry for over 25 years, working with fresh flowers and permanent botanicals throughout Sacramento and Europe. I work on all kinds of projects, big or small, bringing various styles of floral design into people’s living spaces. Styles include contemporary, European, traditional, asian, Japanese Ikebana and more, all original designs.”