Grilling and Chilling – Memorial Day 2015


photo credits Pinterest.com and Fervorgrills.com

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a BBQ. If you’re in the market for a new grill be sure to check out our new line of gas grills from Australia by a company called Fervor™.

These state-of-the-art grills have an oil management system called GrillSmart™ that channels the fats and oils from your food which leaves you with a healthier meal and a grill that is much easier to clean. Fervor™ grills also have a glass viewing window that allows you to monitor how your food is cooking without lifting the lid and losing heat. Pottery World is proud to be the only distributor of Fervor™ gas grills in Northern California. We have grills at both our Rocklin and El Dorado Hills locations.

Now that you have the perfect grill, let’s plan the menu! Make sure to combine any protein or veggies you are planning to throw on the grill with a broad range of sides. Adding bleu cheese to a basic potato salad elevates this picnic staple to the next level. How about a grilled corn salad with fresh-from-the-garden peppers, onions and mint? Another classic side dish is a creamy, cool cucumber salad. Adding dill makes this crunchy crowd favorite really stand out!

Like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day is an opportunity to decorate your party space in red, white and blue. There are many crafts you can make with flags to show your patriotic side and welcome guests. We love the idea of sticking inexpensive flag toothpicks into a foam ring to create a clever wreath that can adorn your front door or hang elsewhere for the holiday. Replace the usual, tired paper plates and napkins with pie tins and bandanas for a fun, festive look that is also earth friendly!

For the all the recipes of the salads mentioned here, the directions for the flag craft and much more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board Memorial Day BBQ! Happy Grilling!

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