How To Escape The Heat In Sacramento

It’s hot out… I mean really hot — even for Sacramento. So what does one do to help make this hot weather a little more bearable? I have put together a short list of a few local activities that can help alleviate the heat, or at the very least, provide an enjoyable distraction.

  1. Try a Delta River Cruise
  2. Go on the Old Sacramento Underground Tour. This would be especially fun in the evenings.
  3. Go to the California State Fair. If you can, try going later in the day after the sun has gone down and enjoy the delta breeze.
  4. Friday Evenings In The Park – Rocklin: A selection of music events and outdoor movies.
  5. Visit Roseville Downtown. Every Tuesday night through July, enjoy food and craft vendors, music, a farmer’s market, a car show, and more.
  6. Last, but definitely not least; Take a day trip to Amador Wine Country and do some wine tasting.

Now that you have some ideas, don’t let the heat keep you at home. Get out and enjoy the Sacramento summer!

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