Lighting Accents For Your Outdoor Living Space

What could be better than sitting outside on a comfortable patio lounge chair, sipping a glass of wine and relaxing after the warm sun has gone down? How about having the perfect lighting accents? Whether you want to relax and read a book, entertain friends, or have a romantic patio dining experience, the right lighting accents can make all the difference.

The decor professionals at Pottery World have some great tips and ideas that will help you add just the right touch of light to your backyard and make it as welcoming as the Delta Breeze on a hot Sacramento evening.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • String battery powered lights into your patio umbrella. If you have access to a power source, you can use regular lights as well. Just remember to unplug them when it rains.
  • Place tea lights inside aluminum cans — you can decorate the cans by punching holes into them — and hang them from tree branches, the inside of your umbrella, or your patio overhang. This idea works great with glass mason jars as well.
  • If you are nervous about using real candles in the yard, you can buy Flameless Flicker Candles — They are safe for children, pets, and dry outdoor conditions.
  • Hang various sized wire or wicker baskets with flameless candles in them. Put the candles on a timer and you will always have safe lighting and never forget to blow the candles out.
  • Take an old hula hoop and use a pretty ribbon to secure a set of icicle lights around it. Hang it up and use it as a chandelier.
  • If you have a glass cutter (or know how to cut glass without one) remove the bottoms from a few different sized glass bottles and place them over your flameless candles.
  • If you don’t have any room on your patio tables to put your tea light holders or you would like to keep them out of reach of little hands or curious pets, simply hang them from the tree branches or umbrella with some nice ribbon or twine.
  • One last idea: create a beautiful and serene accent by grouping a few table plants around a couple of flameless candles. Or better yet, place the candles inside the pots and watch your plants glow from the inside. And for an even safer and low maintenance setting, use silk or rubber plants.

At Pottery World, we have a great selection of silk flowers, plants, trees, candles (flameless and traditional), jars and many other home decor accents for indoor and outdoor use.

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