Repurpose Your Holiday Decorations


Don’t be too quick to put your Christmas decorations in the attic! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With a little creativity and your seemingly out-of-season decorations, you can create a beautiful Valentine’s Day display in your home.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Reshape a red wreath into a heart and hang it on your door or over the fireplace.
  • Hang your red tree ornaments around the house with some red or pink ribbon to add a little Valentines love to your home.
  • Place some smaller red ornaments or garland into a clear glass vase to give a beautiful accent to flowers or candles.
  • Take your red garland and add some pink to it, then hang it around the dining room – voila! You now have festive Valentine’s Day decorations that create the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner.

But what about after Valentine’s Day? Here are a few quick ideas for other holidays and special events:

  • Use bright, primary colored ornaments as birthday party decorations by creating ornament “bouquets” with ribbon. Hang them all around the house or from the ceiling. You can even decorate gifts with them!
  • Refashion some pastel colored decorations into a small tree or table centerpiece to reuse for Easter.

So the next time you are out buying Holiday decorations, consider buying things that can be repurposed for multiple holidays.

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