Simply Succulents – How to Make a Terrarium


Succulents are everywhere right now, and for good reason. They look amazing and are easy to care for. If you choose faux plants for this project, you’ll be able to enjoy these beautiful terrariums for a long time with minimal upkeep. I chatted with one of our floral designers and she showed me how she created the stunning succulent display currently in our store. Here’s how you can get the look at home!

Materials needed:

• A variety of succulents, either the real deal or faux
• A glass container with a wide opening
• A bag of potting soil from your local home-improvement store
• Gravel or sand. (optional)



Let’s get started!

If you are planting real plants you will need to put a layer of gravel or sand on the bottom of your container for drainage. On top of that goes an even layer of potting soil.

After you’ve got your soil in place, simply tuck your succulents into the soil. If you’d like, you can add small decorative items, rocks or shells.

That’s it! Hang your terrarium or place on your coffee table or shelf for an instant pop of green and a great conversation piece.


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