Tasting Notes–Rancho Roble Vineyards

By September 22, 2015Fall, Seasonal


A couple of members of the marketing team recently had the opportunity to taste two wines from Rancho Roble Vineyards during a leisurely lunch at our Pottery World Café in Rocklin. Like Pottery World, Rancho Roble is a local, family-run business with a dedication to quality.

After picking a table outside on the patio, we started the tasting by pouring a glass of each of the wines Pottery World Café is offering as their wine special for the month, the 2012 Estate Barbera and the 2013 Terra Cotta Cabernet Sauvignon. We knew we wanted to find the perfect pairing for each wine so after looking at the menu, and a little discussion, we agreed the Signature Grilled Angus Burger would be perfect to try with the Cabernet.

The Barbera had a medium red color and a bright taste with noticeable green notes and a little bite to the finish. Keri, our marketing manager, loved the Barbera paired with the Dill Potato Salad, claiming that the creamy salad mixed well with the slightly acidic wine, mellowing both out to a nice finish. Overall, we all agreed it was a very drinkable lighter red.


When we poured the Cabernet, several people at the table exclaimed at the rich, deep color of the wine. When one person announced they smelled chocolate in the aroma, we all had to take a deep sniff to smell for ourselves, and sure enough, a milk chocolate bouquet was really apparent! Tasting the cab alone presented a full-bodied wine with a strong, round flavor, however, pairing the wine with the grilled burger definitely enhanced both items. The smoky, charred meat allowed the savory elements of the wine to recede and let the notes of berry and plum really shine. The cab was definitely my favorite of the two.


We all saved some wine in our glasses for the finishing touch, a slice of the mascarpone cheesecake that Sandy, the chef at our Café, had recently made. I noticed the big, rich flavors of the wine, combined with its fruity complexity, made it a great companion to the rich cheesecake by taking away just a bit of the sweetness of the dessert. The end result was a smooth, rich, even finish that was a perfect way to end a delightful lunch. Not a bad day at the office!

The Café will be offering these two Rancho Roble wines for the month of October, and we welcome you to come try them for yourself!


photo credit: www.ranchoroble.com



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