Winterizing Your Pottery World Fountain

By December 30, 2015Seasonal, Tips & Ideas

As the temperatures dip into lower digits, it’s time to think about taking some precautions to prevent your fountain from cracking and your pump from burning out or breaking. By following a few important tips from our outside sales manager at Pottery World in Rocklin, you can keep your fountain safe all winter long.

Step One: Drain your fountain. Remove all water from the bowls, pond, or reservoir of the fountain, including the tubing that leads to the pump.

Step Two: Cover your fountain. You can either order a fountain cover from Pottery World or create one yourself using a tarp and some rope. Outdoor fountain covers are waterproofed and UV stabilized and has a drawstring at the bottom for ultimate protection. If the fountain is too large to cover, insulate the individual bowls with towels or blankets to prevent water from seeping into the porous surface and freezing, which causes cracking and crumbling. If your fountain is small enough, we recommend putting it away for the season to protect the fountain and pump.

Step Three: Consider sealing your fountain once a year to prevent water from penetrating the material and freezing. These sealers form a protective gel-like layer that ensures the integrity of the surface and provides protection against the forces of nature. This preventative measure will protect your investment for years to come

Special Notes: If you live in a climate that has an occasional overnight freeze and wish to enjoy your fountain year-round, make sure to break up the ice in all bowls before turning the fountain on. This assures that moving water will reach the pump and not burn it out.

If you have any questions about fountain care for the winter months, call our Outside Sales office at (916) 624-8080 ext. 30 with any inquiries or concerns. We are more than happy to help!

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